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Second owner of this California/Bay area car! Red exterior with camel interior.

For those interested I will be continuously updating this ad with pictures and more details!

My aim is to be forthright and honest about this vehicle as no Alfa this age is perfect!

Comes with:
Abarth exhaust (taken to a local professional multiple times until it sounded just right! Not too loud and not too quiet!)
Panasport wheels (comes with original wheels as well)

Engine mounts should be replaced
Battery drain (drains every 2-3 weeks)
Minor oil leak (I top off every 500 miles or so)
Synchros work well when warm but not cold (common issue but I still want be honest, I can drive the car without crunching but only because I am very familiar with the car)
Exterior could use some love but overall fair condition.
Top is in good shape, no tears but water will find its way in on heavy down pours.

That being said this car starts up every time and has never given me a hard time outside of the battery drain. New shocks and tie rods installed.

More pictures coming soon!

Looking for $10,000
Berkeley, California.

Reason for selling: focusing on my 73’ spider project car.

Please do not hesitate to reach out to me and thank you for looking!
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