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Adding list..

Including but not limited to (because it is almost impossible to list all the parts...)

Hood - no dings, dents or rust
Trunk - no dings, dents or rust
Doors - Pass and Driver - includes the window regulators - driver door has car park dings only.
ALL chrome trim work from the car - no rust, including doors windscreen, pillars etc,
Front and rear bumpers, including all turn indicators - several lenses missing
Driver and Passenger side mirrors, with heaters
Rear deck assembly reman with masonite and fiberglassed from original template
Seat Belts x 2
Air ducts and vents
Heater core and fan box assembly with controls
Interior trim panels, including trunk release panel with new release control
Armrest x 2
4 used consoles with various combos of clock, leather boot, switches etc.
Washer bottle
Tailshaft - 2 piece with U joints
Radiator fan blade - new
Fuel tank, cleaned and refurbed.
Convertible cover with frame - cover is in poor condition.
Fuel injection rail
Ignition lock and key
Turn signal stalk assembly - complete
All top end fuel injection components, ducts, air filter box
Air con evap coil and fan motor assembly
Fuses, Oil cap
Motrinc unit
Jetronic unit
Badges - Super Veloce and F
Misc wiring

1984 Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 Super Veloce Parts Lot | eBay

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Hi, there...

I'd be interested in your ignition switch (only if it comes with a key, of course). ;-)

Apparently there were two styles - one with three wires, and one with four wires. I need the one with four wires (mine has three wires on one big connector, and one more on a separate connector). Please let me know what you have, and what you'd want for it (if you have the right one).

Mark in Mesa, AZ

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hello there..Is it possible that you send a copy of a picture of the parts??? I am interested with the radiator,radiator fan blade,Heater core and fan box assembly with controls.. and of course the prices..


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Hi there! I have a 1984 Spider Veloce. Let me know if you still have any of the below available please.

Parts Required:

Heater Blower Motor
Side Marker Reflector
Passenger Side Turn Signal (the bulb socket for the turn signal light is not working on mine)
Ignition Switch w/keys
Era Correct Radio/Cassette
Convertible Top Tonneau Cover in Blue Color
Oil Pan Guard
Front Spoiler Center (preferably in good condition painted silver)
Driver/Passenger Rear View Mirrors (electric style, with backs painted silver)
Heater Control Trim Piece

New Parts (if you have kicking around):
Front Suspension Rebuild Kit (Tie Rods, Ball Joints, Center-links)
Axle Straps

Please PM with what you have available! Thanks in advance, Michael

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Do you have some interior trim pieces? I'm mainly looking for the upper driver corner trim plastic where the two corner pieces meet. It attaches to the latch for the convertible top. Thanks, Dennis.

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Trunk Torsion bar system

Would you be willing to remove the complete torsion bar mechanism for the trunk? I've parted out 5 cars in the last several years and never saved a set for
my 84 Spider. Thanks:)
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