This GTV6 is a California import that I bought as a project a few years ago. I replaced a bunch of stuff including: timing belt and misc seals water pump fuel pump and filter all fluids - oil, transaxle, coolant, brake fluid. re-cored radiator - with the best technology that would work. 5 new Pirelli P4 tires. spark plugs Clutch disc Driveshaft flex couplings and bearing. and other things that I'm probably forgetting. I wanted to get everything up to date and make it a reliable driver. The nearly rust free body is really a rare and desirable feature as these cars suffer badly from rust issues and body repairs can be very costly now. I drove the car for a summer or so. The cons are: -A Colour change from Opale Metallic to silver. Only the engine compartment tells the tale. But the paint quality is only fair. OK and presentable as a driver but not good at all. -Second gear synchro is pretty bad. You need to have the transmission really well warmed before its acceptable and that takes a while. Double clutching when downshifting works well. -There is a driveline vibration at around 2000-2500 rpm. It's not too bad but it's there. Once you are past it and up to speed it's fine. It's good to be conscious of it though and not let the revs drop too low. It's a great survivor that could be enjoyed, as I have, or brought back up to snuff for the person who would prefer that. As I'm sure you know, these cars are revered for two reasons; the perfect weight balance and handling it provides and one of the best sounding engines of all times, the Busso V6. The market for these cars is still developing and it's future looks bright, if other revered ALFA driver's cars are any indication. Just ask Jeremy Clarkson. Not too interested in tons of emails. Please give me your number and I'll call In Duncan BC

This was my Used Victoria ad.