I bought this car from a friend who at one time did very well with it on track days, and my plan was to continue that. But with two little kids and two jobs I have not found the time. It is a very reluctant sale. It always starts instantly. It has been stored indoors and the only "real" rust is the front lower fender/rocker area is rusted through on both sides. It comes with steel patch panels for those areas (not installed). The paint is faded, cracked, blotchy, not quite the same shade of red everywhere, etc. All glass is intact and not broken. Everything in the car works, except the speedometer does not work with the Milano transmission. There is no a/c in the car. The engine blows oil very noticeably. Don’t rev it with someone standing behind it, they will be hit by oil specks. My guess has always been valve guides, but who knows. It still feels very good and strong. It has a new battery and the tires are less than two years old. There are several boxes of spare parts, interior items, etc.

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Here are the specs:
Milano Verde 3.0

Factory “S” Cams

Modified “Black Box”

Open Air Intake


Shankle Sport Headers

No Cats

Ansa Center Section without Center Muffler

Ansa Rear Muffler


Milano Platinum (Limited Slip, 4:10)

2 additional clutch plates in LSD


Shankle Sport Torsion Bars

Shankle Sport Rear Coils

Shankle Sport Sway Bars

Koni Yellow Shocks

SZ Steel DeDion Bearing

Ball Joint Front Castor Links

Milano front hubs (beefier than GTV)


Goodridge Braided Lines

Porterfield R4S Pads


Gutted, except for complete dash and stock front seats

Autopower 6 point bolt-in roll cage

5-Point Harness on each side

The car will need a clutch slave and a master in the near future, and a timing belt. The car is in Philadelphia. Ezra 215-432-1819