Selling a CA titled '84 Alfa GTV6 (currently on NonOp - no DMV back fees and clean title in my name). I bought this car several years ago with plans to improve it for both the street and track. Was looking forward to driving it to/from some local Alfa track events, but alas plans changed as I have since relocated out of state. This car has "good bones" with plenty of performance improvements that one would want on a GTV6. Going from memory (since all paperwork is with the car at my Santa Clara workshop and I'm here near Tahoe), the following investments were made:

Milano Platinum limited slip transaxle --- rebuilt with lightened gears, tightened shim pack, replaced synchros, shims, bearings mounts and seals (Rich at Continental Motors, Sunnyvale). Very few miles put on this transmission since work was done.
Adjustable Rear Watts link (by Zat)
Zat ECU spark module
Replaced water pump
Replaced rear brake calipers
Replaced brake master cylinder
Replaced sway bar links and sway bar
Installed “track-worthy shocks” (I believe they are high end Bilsteins)
Replaced clutch assembly and slave cylinder
Replaced airflow meter
Installed a fully rebuilt and fresh 3 Liter engine with S cams (Rich at Continental Motors, Sunnyvale)
Milano power steering ( a wonderful improvement)
ASG full bolt-in roll cage (easy to remove or use rollbar portion only)
27.3 front torsion bar
European CSL Manifold Big Bore Headers (from England)
Modified exhaust with cat (but still legal)
Dropped front spindles (big turn-in improvement)
140 mph speedometer (installed but never wired up)
Four Technomagnesio wheels with good high performance tires
...and more

Although I removed the passenger and rear seats, I've kept them and can easily be reinstalled.
I'm sure there are other things I'm forgetting. This Alfa didn't get much use and now that I've relocated, it's time to sell it along with other cars and parts I've collected over the years.

I only have the one photo to share at this time, but do plan to visit the workshop in the next week or so and can certainly take more if someone is interested. The car body is solid albeit for a few dings (nothing serious) here and there as would be expected of a car of this age. Likewise, the paint is acceptable but worn here and there. This Alfa would be great for someone who would like to drive the car while continuing to improve it cosmetically or otherwise. With all the work /investments done to this Alfa so far (I have a binder of all receipts ..this could be a great investment. As for pricing, I don't have a fixed price in mind yet, but given the modifications, clean title (no back fees) and the overall market for these appreciating Alfas, I think somewhere around $17k would be a fair price.

Let me know if you have any questions.