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The best driving Spider of its era I've known. This car has 142,000 miles and a lion's heart that just wants to run. European headers and a Stebro stainless exhaust boost its torque and its tone. Roll bar. CD stereo. Newer seats. Rebuilt transmission. Nice blue cloth top, and it comes with a blue hard top (like the soft top it is a darker blue, since it came from a 1986 Spider).

Every Alfa sales brochure in 1983 -- for U.S. and world markets -- featured Spiders in this distinctive Celeste blue-green metallic shade (#365). Alfisti and others love the car in this color.

This Spider currently runs, but does not drive, due to loss of clutch pressure. I will be getting that tended to shortly. It also has significant rust to tend to in its rocker panels and under the trunk, and a dent in the driver's side behind the door.

Located in Alexandria, Virginia, ten miles south of Washington, DC. I'm asking $4,000, including the hardtop; less without it. It's a running Alfa with a lot of potential. Given that the Stebro exhaust and hardtop are worth more than $1,000 each, it's quite the good deal. Contact Brewster Thackeray at [email protected]. I've posted lots of photos and information at:
Front 1.21.jpg
June 2016.jpg
B seats from DS.jpg
B seats high 3.jpg
1983 brochure 2.jpg
B driver side.jpg
Front 1.21.jpg
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