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1983 Alfa Spider won't start

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Can anyone help me on this?
I have a 1983 Alfa Spider that has fire but no injector pulse. All ground wires are connected that I can find, all fuses good and fuel pump is operational.
Funny thing is that it will run off starting fluid but as soon as you quit spraying, it quits running.
Thanks for the help.
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Battery voltage during cranking must be over 10.5 or so volts for the fuel ECU to come online and get the injectors moving fuel.

Please to click the L-jet diagnostics link in my signature block to get much information specific to the spider EFI.

Pictures will also be required from you at some point.
The signal maybe getting to the injectors but the injector are stuck. Using a tube try to listen for the clicking sound the injector makes. I also made a checker to see if the signal is getting to the injector. Using a Male and Female Bosch connecter with a light across the 2 wires.
Living Nightmare!!

Ok, cheked injectors with a noid light, no pulse. Checked with a "tube", I do have a click.
As far as my cranking voltage goes, I have over the 10.5 minimum.
Just replaced the flywheel sensors last week and this fixed my no fire issue but have recently found a wiring nightmare. I don't believe that I am getting a pulse signal from the ECU but not sure how to check it.
I have found multiple wires under the dash and under the kicker panel that have been broke, cut and all sorts of other things. Have attempted to reconnect as best as possible but may have something else messed up as car will not turn over using the ignition switch. Have to use a power probe to do so. Possible issue?
Not sure.

Also, I have attached a couple picks for you viewing.
1983 Alfa Spider 2.0
Car only has 54K original miles but needs some suspension work after it starts running. Not to shabby for the whole whopping 1 month free rent I paid for it.


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Sounds like you're gonna be in dire need of a papajam wiring diagram.

Best thing since sliced bread with marmalade.
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