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Hello, forum. I have a 1983 Alfa Romeo Spider. Below are the engine specs. I am looking to replace my stock ignition system with a 123 Ignition either Bluetooth or non-Bluetooth. I have been talking with ED and he told me the switchable version would not work because it does not have a curve for the motor, so I have to purchase the bluetooth version . I plan to stick with the L-Jet system for a little while, then move over to carbs. If I go with the Bluetooth version does someone have a curve file to match my motor?

Motor: 1983 S3

1. Paul Spruell Motronic 10:1 piston kit
2. Paul Spruell 12mm intake cam
3. Paul Spruell 10.9mm exhaust cam
4. L-Jet
5. Stock ignition

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I don't, but I do have a couple thoughts.

If it was me I would start with a standard curve to be conservative. Then play with advance in different spots to see if it increases power without pinging.

You might need a couple hours on a dyno to dial it in. Then try it in the real world.

Im not sure if the Bluetooth version allows for more than a 2 dimensional curve. But if it does you should also be able to add advance at low vacuum or MAP readings.

Good luck, sounds like a fun project!
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