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I have for sale my 1982 Spider. As of recently this is car #4 and unfortunately I need to make some space. This car has been dead-nuts reliable for me and has never left me stranded anywhere. The engine runs very strong, and the car handles very well. All major mechanical systems are in good working order, with all basic maintenance done in regular intervals. The car does need cosmetic work, with rust issues present in the driver side rear wheel well, and rear lower valence. The clear coat is coming off in two locations. Overall this is a great running car that would make an excellent candidate for a variety of projects, or just drive it as it is and enjoy it! Please note that this car is currently registered in MA, and will need a catalytic converter to make it CA smog legal.

Car has just under 99K miles.

Asking $3,000


- IAP red Springs
- Bilstein Shocks
- Falken Azenis RT615K Tires, 50-60% tread left
- Silicone hoses underhood
- New Distributor Cap, Rotor, Spark Plug Wires, Spark Plugs
- Recent Fuel Filter change with all new soft lines
- Recent Driveshaft rebuild including Guibo, Center Support Bearing, and bearing housing
- Pre-74 two piece exhaust manifolds
- Magnaflow Stainless Steel exhaust system (No Catalytic Converter)
- Bosch 4 wire O2 sensor
- Recaros from Milano verde
- Carello Headlight Covers


- Brake Booster leaks (Clamped off right now)
- Rust issues in rear driver wheel well and rear lower valence
- Clear coat issues
- Second gear synchro grinds
- Will occasionally pop out of reverse
- Seats will need re-upholstering
- Will need Catalytic Converter

Feel free to contact me via PM, e-mail, or phone. Due to my long weekday commute, I will only be able to show the vehicle during the weekends. During the week the best way to get in touch with me is e-mail, as I can respond quite quickly while at work.

Car is located in Pomona, CA.

[email protected]
(774) 279-4901


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Just a thought, does in have MA title? If it's a 49-state car, the rules in CA became much tougher in 2014 to bring in non-CA-compliant cars. I'm not sure what ill the state is chasing with this change, but I read the DMV memo on it this week and it looks quite difficult if the car wasn't CA-compliant at the outset, regardless of how it's equipped now.


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Back in 2007 I brought in an 82 Spider from Mississippi (IIRC). After swapping in the correct filter, it passed smog albeit with much tweaking. A simple VIN verification at a local DMV, 2hr wait in line and my Spider became a Californian. That was 8 yrs ago and Ca DMV seems to regularly out do itself in the creation of ever more draconian registration requirements....

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Hello all,

Sorry to be late to the discussion here. It is indeed a 50-state vehicle. There is a tag in the door jamb stating it complies with CA emissions regulations for the model year 1982. My reference to California smog testing is with regards to the exhaust system.

The car no longer has the OE equipped exhaust system (which came with a catalytic converter) and was replaced with the Magnaflow Stainless Steel system (which has NO catalytic converter).

This was no issue when I was living in MA, as emissions testing is only done to vehicles '97 and newer.

Now that it resides in California, it will need a catalytic converter installed to pass smog.

Does this clear a few things up?
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