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Does anyone have a diagram of the fuse box for an 82GTV6 they could share???
Including the labeling for the relays please.
looks like fuse 6 is going to ground and 7 too
have smoke coming from starter....smoke signal said:''this is going to get EXPENSIVE''
Need to trace the damage done.
Ignition switch burnt a 4 wires and may need to know which wire goes where to hot wire till get propper replacement
Thanks in advance.
this is the most helpful Alfa site ever...wouldn't dare to open the bonnet without checking out first

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I've got a copy of Jim Neill's color coded wire diagram for the 1981 GTV6. It might be the same as your 1982.

I'll send it to you via a conversation (aka private message). Click on the mini-avatar in the upper right corner of the web page.
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