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1982 GTV6 For Sale: $8200
Location: Danville, PA

1998: Purchased in San Diego, CA; Driven regularly there (putting about 27,000 miles on it over 10 years).
2008: Shipped to PA and transferred to my father.

Clear Pennsylvania Title. Sold As-Is.

2.5L Engine has around 5,000 miles on it since a full rebuild in 2006.
Starts on the first crank every time and runs smoothly, powerfully, and sounds great.

Has been covered and garaged in PA since 2008 and exercised in the driveway a few times a year. I live 350 miles away from the car and don’t have a garage space for it where I live. I was thinking to have it painted and re-upholstered someday, but it’s time to let this Alfa go since “someday” hasn’t come in over 10 years.

Car is in my father’s name, so you will be buying from him at Danville, PA. Contact me with your phone number and I will have him call prospective buyers in the order contacts are received. I’m sure I forgot something, so please ask questions and I will check in each evening to answer them. I will be uploading current photos within the next day, so please be patient. Thanks, --John.

Virtually rust-free Southern California car.
Body is straight. Doors, hood, and hatch all fit and close properly.
All 4 jack points are solid.
Shock towers are solid.
Battery box and tire-well are solid.
Power mirrors, Power Windows, Gauges, Lights, all working.
All glass is good.
Sale includes 3 extra Campagnolo wheels (including the full-size spare, that means there are 8 wheels total with the car)
Sale includes some spare parts including a barely-used single plate clutch pack, radiator, taillight lenses, and a box of miscellaneous parts I’ve collected.

Kumho tires were put on in 2007.
There was rust at base of passenger side windshield where I put a temporary metal patch; A-pillar is solid.
A/C compressor and condenser were discarded.
No radio, but there are 4 Blaupunkt speakers wired in
Passenger side radiator fan removed but included with sale (it needs a new bearing or a new fan motor)
Front bumper plastic trim removed but included with sale.
Exterior driver side door handle was vandalized and broken.
Left rear corner has a dent.
Seats need recovered, but interior door panels and carpet are decent.
Red wrinkle paint I used on the timing covers has peeled.

Over the years, Foreign Auto Menders in Poway, CA did some of the work for me:
1999 new high pressure fuel hoses
2004 Gearbox overhaul; new synchros
2004 new front wheel bearings
2006 Rebuilt engine including new pistons/liners, new mechanical tensioner, new exhaust seats, valves hand-lapped, crankshaft polished.
2007 new Catalytic Converter

Significant work I did myself:
1998 new Brake rotors and pads
1998 installed rebuilt left and right rear brake calipers
1999 new Watts bushing and caster rod bushings
1999 new Bosch Fuel pump
1999 new Clutch (single plate)
1999 new Clutch Master Cylinder
1999 new center support bearing and flex disc
2000 new Clutch slave cylinder
2001 new hatch strut
2001 new Brake Master Cylinder
2002 new Ignition wires; new brake hoses
2004 installed transaxle after gearbox overhaul by FAM
2004 replaced left rear brake caliper again with a rebuilt one
2004 new Bilstein shocks
2006 installed the rebuilt engine
2006 new Ansa rear exhaust
2007 new distributor cap and rotor
2007 new Interstate battery
2008 new radiator hoses
2019 new fuel filler hose

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Forgot to add: transaxle, isostatic shift linkage, and 150mph speedometer are from a 1986 GTV6. This is a great improvement over the 1982 stock setup.

1984 GTV6 & 1983 Spider
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Forgot to add: transaxle, isostatic shift linkage, and 150mph speedometer are from a 1986 GTV6. This is a great improvement over the 1982 stock setup.
has the car sold? Looking to rebuild one and looking for a project car.
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