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I really enjoy this car but it's been running very rich since I bought it. The idle was low and it stalled quite often on stops. It always fired right back up and never left me stranded. I brought it to a Porsche guy who managed to get it fairly good running shape by replacing most of the vacuum and gas lines under the hood. He also installed a single magnetic pick up in the distributor.
This was great while it lasted but the idle was running about 1000 rpm. Not knowing much about these cars I took him on his word that this was the best he could do.
I have now seen several cars that were swapped from monofarfalle (sp) to pre 1980 intake set ups and this is identical to mine. I tried to find the link without success. My car has no reference screw but by leaning the TA out three turns along with reccommended cold start and cutoff soleinoids I've been able to eliminate the both the exhaust and intake backfire.
Has anyone come across raw gas running from the vent pipe leading to the oil vaper/seperator or drips of oil running out of intake runners? I changed the seperator and although its has improved I don't see any reason oil should be mixing with the gas. I pulled the main line from the canister to the idle adjust and its clear. Could this be vale seals? The compression test shows 160s across the board with 2 diff gauges.
Oh yeah the is PO were a pair MDs and always add serviced by dealer and then acel in Waltham, MA the second PO had it for 3 mons untouched. And there's me trying to piece it all together. Come on Roadtirp/ Papajam you must a good suggestion! Just don't tell me to part it out or worse crush it.

I'LL try to post some pictures ASAP Not my car but thought it was a cool picture


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