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1981 S2 Spider

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Rolling chassis, 66000 miles solid no rust, rot or bondo has a new soft top, $2500 firm!
Whole car with running engine and original interior, pristine dash, glass, turbina alloys $3500 firm, everything works!
I don't have the time or the space any longer. Inspected in Ma. and driven daily through August 2010. Clear MA. title.

Please, no gold watches or other trades.
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I am interested in the rear bumper.

Let me know if you will sell the rear bumper.


Andrew Conti
[email protected]
The car was sold (almost)! After several no shows a gentleman left a deposit and never came to get the car. I tried to contact him daily for two weeks and after finally got a full mailbox message quit. I haven't heard back since.
Another guy swore up and down he also wanted it. He shows up with a trinket claimed to be a gold watch and and about a third the asking price in cash. I allowed his so called mechanic perform a compression test on the engine and he either pulled a wire out off the boot or messed up the firing order. Another stand up guy wouldn't return my calls. So if you are selling an Alfa and a heavy set middle aged guy with a mustache and his skinhead cohort show up lock the garage ASAP.
Nothing personal but at that point I resigned myself to keeping it. It's depressing seeing it sit there so I thought I'd give selling it one more shot.
To answer your question regarding the bumper. I would prefer to sell the entire car but if that doesn't work (again) I'm going to attempt to sell the rolling body minus engine, trans, fuel injection system, the bumpers, dash, gauges, lens' and hard top. The main reason for this is local zoning bylaws, we already have 3 other cars, a boat/trailer and a utility trailer on the property. If I start pulling off a door here and a hood there my neighbors may not be very patient and the local enforcement officer will be leaving me green stickers on my door which will add to my loss on this vehicle.
I currently have this arrangement posted and if things work out I'll be sure to contact you and give you a reduced price for your understanding.
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Sorry to hear your car is turning out to be such a PITA to you. Keep me in mind if you decide to sell the rear bumper. Heck I could give you the very nice rear bumper to put onto your car. My bumper has a slight bent on the passenger side corner. Probably would be A-ok for most owners but I figured if I could find a better bumper why not.

[email protected]
If the bumper is still on the car shoot me a picture and I'll let you know.
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