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I have numerous parts for sale. Willing to go cheap just not free and you pay shipping.

78 Spider not CA smoggable (complete car)
-not run in 5 years (started occasionally)
-engine 40K miles
-head 20K miles sperry stg2 (back when)
-new upholstery
-new fuel pump
spare rear axle not in car (less than 1500 miles on it)
misc engine parts

entire lot must go. will not part out. $1250 altogether or best offer. If you want just the axle, it'll come with the rest of the stuff posted for what ever we end up agreeing on for price.

Questions or comments please respond here or PM.

Thank you.

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OK guys this sounds like a steal. Anyone? I'd like to pick it all up but unfortunatly I'm broke.

What do you mean when you wrote "78 Spider not CA smoggable". This means that you have tried to smog the car and it failed or there is somthing else that will just not let it pass smog with a little tune up?

Oh yahhhh post some pictures if you can of all the goodies and where is the car located (state)?

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The emissions equipment were removed eons ago and has since been lost. Hence, not CA smoggable.

It has been registered non-op since it started sitting in my garage for the last several lifetimes. All the other spares have also been sitting.

I may have some other spares unrelated to the Alfa that I'd probably let go with (I used to work for TRD back when turbo's were allowed in GTP).

I just need to clean up my garage once and for all.

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