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1979 spider - 2000

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I have it on Craigs list, so there are a few pictures...

I am in Santa Barbara, CA

86,000 miles (which appears to be correct), and about 8,000 on the rebuilt engine. It has been very reliable, and my daily driving car for a year.

Lots of work done within the past year/10,000 miles:

Complete engine rebuild, 10:1 Motronic pistons, crank balanced and polished, valve job, all bearings/seals/chains/parts that wear replaced, new alternator, cooling system flushed. The engine was removed and completely rebuilt, sparing no expense.

New carpet and upholstery from original patterns/foam molds (black/black)

New top (black cloth)... the window has some fine scratches, but is clear.

New Bilstein shocks

Mechanically, it's in excellent condition, and the interior is stellar. It desperately needs paint and some fairly minor body work... it has a few small dents and one mid-sized one, but nothing that would require replacement body panels or anything like that. the original color is silver, but it's half silver/half primer. No rust in the places Alfas tend to degrade; (the rockers/floorboards/wheel wells)... The paint and upholstery had the inverse problem; sun damage. it's very complete, all trim pieces intact, in good shape. The dash is perfect.

It passed smog perfectly after the engine was rebuilt (last year). Registration is current.

It appears to need some brake work. The brakes do work, but I've never had them looked at, and have no idea how old they are. The brake booster is in need of being rebuilt or replaced, though it still works, the vacuum-assist isn't working perfectly and makes the pedal shake... I believe the front rotors need replacing.

This was a project car... The engine, suspension, interior, top (all pretty major things) have been redone. The transmission and clutch are in good shape. The electrical system is in good shape. All of the major work has been done to a high standard. If you're looking at a nicer-looking Alfa of the same age, consider that an engine rebuild runs around $4000, whereas a cheap paint job can be around $1000....

It's been a California car all its life.

If you're interested, Emilio (the local SB Alfa mechanic) knows the car, and can provide a reference.

I am moving from SB next week, so if you're interested, and would like to make an offer, let me know.

Email or call Hugh (805.636.3811)
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Any comments? It's gotten lots of views...
Got one just like it. Same metallic blue.

Horrible rust, but the 16-year old drives it every day. Rescued it from a field.
wow... i ended up selling the car for $1300 ($200 less than I paid before putting $4500 into it). The most depressing experience of my life. A $2500 paint job would make it worth, what, maybe $4000-5000? I haven't seen any of the S2 spiders going for much more than that (and with low original miles)... Here's an economics question; what's worse, a $6000 car worth $1300, or a $10,000 car worth $4000?

It was fun, though.
someone got a deal.....
Someone on this site once offered some advice to me that was something like:
You are better off buying a car that SOMEONE ELSE bought for 2 and sunk 4 into because you will be able to buy it for about 3. Otherwise if you buy something for 2 and sink 4 into it you will have something that is worth 3 that cost 6! You were definately on the bad side of this equation BUT someone else was on the good side of the equation. It makes no sense but it does seem to be the reality. Hopefully, next time you will be on the "good" side of the equation. But I am sure that does not help. . . .
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