For sale is my nearly finished “GTV6 Sedan”. It has a clean title in my name and is on paid non-op so there aren’t any back fees to worry about.

The chassis/glass is 1979 Sport Sedan but that’s about where the originality stops.

The engine is a 2.5l 12v Busso from a GTV6 of unknown year and mileage. I’ve been told it has an aftermarket cam but cannot confirm (it really wakes up at 2500+, so I believe it). Fuel injection is controlled by a 164 sourced Bosch Motronic ECU. The engine harness is also 164 based but has been fully stripped back, shortened appropriately, and closed out in mil spec heat shrink. Connectors were re-pinned using new JPT sockets and roll over crimps or better, not just a bunch of splices mid run.

The transmission is from a late year Milano. The diff is non-LSD and second gear syncro complains if you are too aggressive but is fine with regular driving or double clutching second gear.

It handles amazing on fully refreshed suspension, including:
Adjustable Koni yellows at all 4 corners
27mm torsion bars
1” dia front sway bar
One-off height adjustable rear spring perches and 200 lb/in springs
Adjustable Watts link w/ oversized heim joints
Full 5 lug swap (including brakes) from a Milano
All new hardware

The wheels are Borbet Type Bs in the correct 5x98 pattern with Firestone Indy Firehawk summer tires. They have Nov 2017 date codes and I would guess just over 1000 miles on them (got them shortly before the registration expired). I also have a set of 5 Campagnolo mags that would go with the car.

The dash has been swapped to 76 Alfetta GT style w/ the isolated tach in front of the steering wheel. The 4 cyl tach has been adapted to read the 6 cyl signal correctly via a Dakota Digital SGI-8e. All gauges and warning lights are functional with the exception of the speedo which needs a longer or re-routed cable.
Steering wheel is a mahogany and black Nardi “Deep Corn” and has a matching shift knob with quadrifoglio in the center
Front and rear seats are out of a Milano Gold and are in very presentable shape. The front door panels match the interior reasonably well, but the rears aren’t even close.

Open scope:
Paint/body is a 10 footer. There is non-structural rust in several locations (pictured). The worst areas are the stock battery tray location, the underside of the trunk lid, and the corner of the passenger side floor (but not into the rocker area).
The interior is mismatched as stated above and missing one of the rear arm rests
I’m not happy with the muffler shop exhaust original to the 4 cyl, but there isnt anything technically wrong with it
The boot between the MAF and intake has started to deteriorate where it was stretched to fit the 164 idle control valve. Cracks have been RTV’d to make it idle happily in the short term
The passenger outer door handle just broke on me. Was thinking about retrofitting Milano power locks and handles so haven’t fixed it.

Asking $9500 $7500. Price is negotiable but I am not desperate to sell. I’d love to see this go to someone who shares my vision for the car (gtv6 hood bump/nice paint and interior/bigger brakes) and can actually enjoy it.