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Sadly I am offering my 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider for sale that was purchased in Atlanta in 1995 when I was living in the south. The car has been sitting covered in a dry warehouse within a car sleeping bag since around 2002 and has not seen much road action over the last 18 years.

Honestly, the Spider needs to find a partner that can drive and enjoy the vehicle on a more frequent basis as I drive my Duetto most of the time.

The Alfa is in good shape being 25 years old with some minor rust bubbles beginning in the rocker panels and NO other rust. The Spider was never driven during the winter and rarely during any wet weather when on the road from 1995-2002.

The paint is ok but does have some chips, dings from storage and I would suggest a new paint job and the ugly side ‘door ding’ guards removed. The convertible top still looks new and was installed by an Alfa specialist in Atlanta in 1995.

The black interior in ok shape with black fabric seats but the dash is cracked. I think I have a good used uncracked dash that would come with the car if I do have the dash. I might have fiberglass bumpers as well but do have a spare front rubber bumper.

Currently, the center console and console surround are out of the car, but I will supply a good used center console with metal side tabs (!) and an excellent console surround for the new owner to install.

Many new parts installed, and the majority of new parts are from Classic Alfa.

An Alfisti could bring this car back to its former glory relatively cheaply and easily since most work has already been completed. Really just needs new paint and some minor interior work. The car has had many modifications that have been completed prior to and during my ownership, so to bring to Concours level (if so desired) would take some effort.

Very strong engine that pulls hard with recently tuned weber carbs. The car idles and drives well and will have the opportunity to provide compression to interested buyers when pictures are requested.

The is fun to drive, considered to be reliable (for an Alfa), and would make a great daily driver.

One note, I am still investigating why the brake booster is not collecting pressure for assisted braking as the pedal does rise when the engine is off. I believe the 90° plastic piece and the rubber gasket is letting pressure out as I had RTV around the plastic piece previously and the brakes worked fine.

The Alfa Spider is located in Columbus, Indiana, and listed for $7.000.00. Have yet had the ability to take pictures of the Spider however these can be sent upon request.

Inspection welcome and please contact me via PM to set up a time to look at the car.

I will have the ability to post pictures of the car this weekend.

Here are the specifics:
  • Rebuilt engine with about 5,000 miles
  • 2000 cc Nord engine
  • Borgo 10.4:1 Pistons
  • C&B 11mm cams
  • large intake and exhaust valves with racing springs
  • necessary engine machine work was done during rebuild
  • New timing chains installed during the rebuild
  • Recored larger radiator
  • Newer Bilstein Shocks
  • Weber 40 DCOE 32 carbs
  • Campy 5-star wheels with good tires.
  • Marelli plex distributor and coil with Magnecor spark plug wires
  • Newer driveshaft center bearing installed around 2001
The following was done to the car within the last month for the upcoming sale:
  • Installed Euro weber intake manifold
    • correct firewall throttle linkage from S3 spider and new bushing
    • new bell crank from Classic Alfa
    • new thermostat
  • New Weber rubber carb mounts with new carb support
  • Rebuilt Weber’s with new gaskets and rubber o-rings
  • Jet hot two-piece exhaust manifold in ‘chrome’ looking coating.
  • New ‘normal’ exhaust from headers on back with O2 sensor bung
  • New exhaust support with new rubber bushings
  • New master cylinder
  • New slave cylinder
  • New slave cylinder hose
  • New clutch pivot arm from John Ortakales (will never break)
  • New refurbished ATE brakes (all four) painted red (purchased from IAP years ago) – just installed
    • Speed bleeders installed on calipers
  • Rebuilt transmission with Redline oil 75W90 NS and new rear TX mount
    • The transmission was purchased off BB some time ago and was reportedly rebuilt.
    • I did open it up and the synchros are new, and dog ears look good.
    • Olive measures at 17.94
  • New Spal 10” electric fan with Hayden electric fan control – the car does not go over 180°
    • Will include water pump plastic fan with the car
  • Radiator cleaned, pressure checked, painted with new antifreeze and new proper 7lb radiator cap
  • New engine mounts
  • New driveshaft guibo
  • New driveshaft tophat, rubber/felt pad, and mainshaft to driveshaft rubber ‘bumper’
  • New differential oil seal with Redline oil 75W90
  • New metal style heater core radiator valve with larger heater core (more heat) and working two-speed fan.
  • Fresh engine oil and oil filter
The pictures below were taken circa 2016 and the condition of the car has not changed much since taken.


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I hope all goes well and the Spider finds a nice "web" to bed down in😁
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