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1978 Alfetta

~106000 miles

read through the posts, at end is more description

located in NE Ohio

My wife says I have 'Too many cars"....pita...

thinking of selling the Alfetta. you have seen the re-build.

price 8500$ firm. clear title.

some spares like 2 extra rims, used injector pump, spare gauges, new passenger seat belt not yet installed, spare speedo cable (not yet installed)electronic dizzy stuff, spare dizzy or two, some other small bits. Will need some front driver/passenger door window rubber trim (outside front door lower window rubber missing when I got it) front brake work (vac booster OK) and a fine tune on the SPICA.... and of course, if you shift hard, it grinds second. if you shift slowly, it does not grind. engine strong with recent head work. It needs a new headliner(torn by PO's dog). ALL electrics work(EXCEPT: hood light and rear defrost). I have some receipts, not all.

just bought a new set of calipers, pads, and rotors for front which will be installed.

anyone interested? pm me.


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Wife really wants me to trim down on cars.

New price:7500$ or really good offer?

new front brakes (rotors, calipers, pads)

drove it around for 40 minutes. engine strong BUT

Needs rear brake adjustment. grinds if you shift to second too fast. needs SPICA fine tune.... and probably needs new shocks (a little soft)

includes new tires(mounted on new rims), new speedo cable not yet installed

wow. great deal. tons of work already done, thousands in new and RARE parts.....(at least $7,100 in parts/interior upgrades plus the original car)

and if you need the gov't manifold and air pump, I have those parts as well...

PM me if interested

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What has been done:
radiator repaired professionally and painted
new radiator cap
cooling fan rewired correctly and works with thermo switch
new guibos (all 3) and rebuilt/replaced driveshaft bearings
repacked front bearings
new front rotors, calipers, pads
new rims (6) and tires (4) correct offset and perfect fit
new exhaust header, header wrap, down pipe new, good solid exhaust system with some new hangers
new leather vinyl interior (all four seats and side panels)
fixed all door lock mechanisms
keys for all locks. all handles and locks function
door lock pulls and gromets replaced
all glass excellent. no chips or cracks. no sand pitting.
stainless trim excellent
leather shift boot and rubber shifter boot installed
flasher switch works correctly
new turn signal stalk switch
new tail light lenses (nice chrome surrounds)
all light work
NOS driver light housing
metal center front grill with new emblem
new hella H4 low beams
NOS lower spoilers (perfect)
newer battery
new brake reservoir
extra gauge cluster
new air filters
new plugs and original NOS Alfa plug wires
newer points, new rotor and cap
new FI pump belt and alternator belt
New rebuilt 80 amp alternator
New rewired relays for starter, and low and high beams (3 relays)
Fixed fan resistor
New idle air lines
Replaced rusty air filter cannister with nice unit, all latches work
New breather hose
Almost new Nardi steering wheel
New hood retainer for prop spring(I made out of aluminum)
New hood rod retainer
Some new radiator hoses.
Replaced all window winders and knobs with very nice units
Newer door handles (big black ones inside)
All vents replaced and working
New seat belts (only driver installed, passenger included)
Gas cap with key
Stainless euro bumpers and correct height mounts
New front brake hoses
All new Watts links bushings
front 1/2 of new caster rod bushings installed
Alfa NOS wiper blades work great
Rewired the wiper motor correctly (now it works with high speed)
New front engine mounts and repaired rear mount

and many more little things I can't think of.......

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I am really amazed with the work done to this car. It´s rebuilt thread has been very inspiring. Hope we can see the progress of your GTV6.

Good luck with the sale!

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GTV6 is going to be really cool! I have all the upgrade suspension and engine parts. The PITA will be the bodywork.

Alfetta now on ebay.

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well, SPICA is out and Accel Thruster DFI going in, along with FI intake and crank you may be disappointed...and the price will be more after all the work.

Don;t worry, I save all parts in case you want to convert it back.....

and yes, the car is in excellent shape mechanically except 2nd gear and SPICA
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