Too many projects, so something has to go. I have carpet and seats out of a Milano I was going to put in this car. Body is in really good shape. Rust on top and trunk, but no holes. Previous owner told me he rebuilt the transaxle shortly before he parked it 10+ years ago. I installed a fuel pump with extra filter, new oil and filter, and I flushed the coolant system. The car starts when you spray some starting fluid in the intake. The cold start solenoid does not work. I have one that does. Other than the cold start, the spica is functional. I do have a brief video of the engine running. It is missing the door panels. I do have handles and window cranks in a box somewhere. Tires are old but do hold air. Also missing is the airbox, but I have some aftermarket cold air intakes for it. I need to dig them out of a box as well.