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I'm not exactly sure where to post this, but I'll give this a shot because I've got engine problems.

I don't own a car yet, and am not much of a gearhead. I do not know very much about engines, i do want to learn though. My dad got a 1978 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce for very cheap- the drivers side is mangled after a hit and run accident. We're going to fix it up as my first car.

Anyway, it won't start. My dad says that it's not getting fuel to the injectors, but the fuel is getting into the injection pump. The fuel system is very modified, it looks like the previous owner had to bypass a few things. I don't think it's stock, but it still goes from the tank. It starts for a bit when we sprayed it with starting fluid but it dies right after. We both have no idea what is wrong with it. Some pointers would be very helpful on what to search for next.

While working, the hood slammed down and got stuck shut. The opener lever on the inside of the car doesn't work anymore. It's just stuck shut. What's the best way to get that unstuck?

Thanks for any help guys.
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