I purchased it in 1987 and then took it off the road and into storage in 1997. Only used on sunny summer days. Retiring and moving now and need to sell as I will have no place to store it. 3 years ago I started a complete rehab of the car….rehabbed with new parts! Rehab now finished and runs very good, only thing it needs is a new convertible top. I didn’t get one put on as I would only drive on nice days. Top frame is on car cleaned and painted. Some minor paint bubbles/rust on fender wheel splash areas, some scratches in paint.

See below for all new parts.

New Parts:
  • Brakes: New rotors/caliper/pads and all brake lines. New emergency hand brake cables. New Master cylinder.
  • Clutch: New clutch cylinder and slave. New clutch and flywheel.
  • Gas: New gas tank/float sender. New gas hoses and filters.
  • Drive train: Transmission was removed and cleaned. Internal clutch parts in transmission replaced. Drive shaft removed and new universal joint installed.
  • Spica Fuel injection – removed and cleaned. All new gaskets and filters. New Thermostatic Actuator and micro switch.
  • Tune up: All new plugs, belts and filters.
  • Ignition: New electronic Distributor and Coil. All new wires. (kept original Marrelli points distributor)
  • “Retro Radio” brand sound system with Bluetooth and hands-free phone. Alpine Power pack and JL Audio door speakers. Wired for rear speakers but not included (it’s a small car, don’t need rear speakers.)
  • New front and rear chrome bumpers with Alfa logo front grill. Cost $2,000. (This is not OEM as original were large clunky rubber bumpers).
  • New dual chrome side mirrors.