Body is in good shape. The only rust I found is in the 1/4 panels behind the front wheels.
Selling because it just sits. It needs Calif smog in April, BUT Calif smog rules have tightened for 2023 so it is looking for a home away, somewhere nicer.
MANY spare Alfetta GT parts are also for sale, as a complete lot, that were collected over 30 yrs: digital Wire Diag (pdf); 2.0 engine w/SPICA (bad cyl head), transmission (bad differential), many plastic pieces, and many, many more misc Alfetta things.
More photos available. Bring a buddy with a pickup and drive the whole thing home.

Purchased Dec 2004 with 52,700 miles. 113,340 mileage today. True miles unknown.
Mechanically it is good. Tune up Mar 2023.
Compression: 195, 200, 190, 190 (Mar 2023)
Euro 4/2/1 headers, threaded for Calif smog air rail.
Car has always passed Calif Smog. Last 2021. New air pump included.
Marelli Plex Distributor
Windshield and rear hatch are from GTV6
Front seats from GTV6, Reupholstered 2006
New interior in 2022: carpet, headliner, door panels, rear panels and rear parcel area. Respray "custom" green over OEM green by previous owner.
Dash in almost perfect condition, 1 small crack.
All new Air Con 2008, Upgraded evaporator blower fan, dual 10" rad & condenser fans. Air Con is on new fuse block and relays.
1-wire Milano alternator
Headlights on new fuse block and relays.
Bigger, GTV6 torsion bars
Good exhaust system with catalytic converter (cat condition UNK)
Body damage: Evidence of ft left fender damage, repaired by previous owner. Rear tail light valance damaged and repaired. Dent left rear above stop lights.
14" wheels, 2018 tires
Modified front and rear bumper. OEM bumpers included.
5 pt clip in seat belts set up for track day, with rear shoulder harness eye-bolts.
Only 3-4 track days 'cause I have gotten too old for that stuff.
Major repairs with mileage:
62,900 Tired OEM motor replaced with used motor, new rod bearings installed.
71,500 Rebuilt F.I. Pump by Ingram
90,000 Rebuilt brake booster
92,900 NOS clutch and cover (1979)
103,600 NOS rear Guibo , new center bearing. Balanced drive shaft - replaced Ft due to wear.
111,890 New, 2 port fuel pump; New soft fuel lines, 2 filters. Radiator cleaned and tested for leaks.