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Selling my gt as i now need the garage space.
99% rust free except for the rear hatch (a good hatch will be included).
Pass side inner fender was repaired (Welded) and treated with Por 15.
Drivers side is Perfect and has been wax injected also, as have the doors and the sills.
All guages and warning lights
All exterior and interior lights
Older Jensen Audio installed. comes on and keeps the engine nice and cool.
Usual dash cracks
Originally from california, and then moved to Spokane (eastern washington - Desert belt!)
1976 California version
Air Pump and all Spica equipment is still on the car
VIN AR 116150001553
Engine # AR 01615*001007
Build date 3/76
Exterior color AR 116 (Giallo Piper) - Yellow
Interior Vinyl - rears have been died black
Front seats have been recovered with black seat covers - Pass. seat is fine. Drivers side seat Vinyl will need to be repaired.
ZERO rust underneath the car or in the sills or doors or wheelarches or the wheelwell (which was also treated and waxed)
small amount of windshield frame rust was repaired and treated.
Only rust that exists now is in the rear hatch.
Car runs great.
no 2nd gear crunch
No driveline vibration
No chips or cracks in the windshield
Needs Paint and some bodywork on right rear quarter where a dent was pulled out with a sliding hammer and not properly finished.
Previous owner removed the beltline trim and primered over.
Car has 121,500 miles.

Service History:
(Not known before 59k)

59,723 - New Air Pump filter, Injection pump oil filter, Air filter, main gas filter and new front (#88561) and rear (#88104) Flex Discs.

60,436 - New points, rotor and condensors.

64,813 - New Plugs and wires

68,717 - New Valve cover gasket

70,980 - New water pump belt

71,487 - New Points

74,009 - New fuel line (Tank to pump)

77,352 - R&R Clutch Master cylinder kit

80,275 - New front Air Dam, New rear gas filter

80,656 - New front shocks (Spica)

82,085 - R&R New Head Gasket

82,272 - New points, Condensors, Rotor and Distributor cap

82,690 - New Air Pump Filter

88,517 - New Waterpump belt

99,642 - New Bosch Voltage regulator

99,838 - New Cooper tires

100,046 - New Thermostat, new left steering boot, new rear outer CV boots

104,070 - R&R Center and rear flex joints - 88103 and88104 (Early Alfetta)

105,364 - Replace trans oil (80-90)

107,620 - New points, new plugs(Bosch WR7DP)

108,327 - New rear brake pads, New Air filter, New Air pump filter

111,443 - New clutch disc, new plug wires

111,762 - New right front inner wheel bearing and race seal

113,895 - R&R Slave cylinder kit, New Points, rotor and condensors

115,434 - Added Starter relay, Bypass for Cold Start Solenoid, New NGK plugs

115,782 - Used Thermostatice Actuator installed, timig adjusted

115,830 - R&R new clutch slave hose and cylinder installed, New Ansa Tail section installed

115,895 - New Thermostat, Spica injection service

117,342 - R&R new Engine mounts

118,681 - R&R Rebuilt Starter and Alternator

119,099 - Driveline rebuild...R&R Front, Center and rear driveshaft flex joint, new brake proportioning valve.

121,011 - New NGK's, New plug leads.

If you dont mind the look of a car that needs paint (I dont), then you can have fun with this car right away. I have always been more concerned about making it "mechanically enjoyable".

$1450 OBO
Title in hand.
I will take photos and video of the car tomorrow during the day.
Original Owners manual and brochures will be included also.

Thanks for looking,


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tell me more

I live in Las Vegas and love for you to tell me the bad things about this alfetta so I will not be surprised. I have seen the pictures, the body color is no issue.....................but is the body straight ??? Also, the engine and chassis do they run as good as the You Tube??

Interior needs work, and that is OK with me. I want a good Mechanical Alfetta.
Is this the ONE????


PS...........No Major Rust in WA...........state. Hmmmm Let me know


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Sold the car 6 months agao, so can only attest to what it looked like then. Nick planned on using it as a fun car to shoot up and down Interstate 5 from Seattle to Tacoma.
Car needed Tires.
Front seats were ripped, but I just placed covers on them. The Bases and backrest foam was all there. Rear seats, I re-dyed Black.
ALL Guages worked...even all the guage backlights worked.
Yes the car runs as good as in the youtube video. That was me driving around my neighbourhood.
ZERo Rust on this car except for the rear hatch, and I gave him a "less" rusty hatch as part of the sale.
Car spent most of its time in California and the Eastern Washington. For those of you outside WA, Eastern WA is in the rain shadow of the mountains and so many parts of it are literaly desert!...Not to be confused with Western washington where we get a little damp!
Car has only been on this side of the mountains for a year or so.
All the interior panels and inner sills and doors were Waxoyled by myself. This was my daily driver while my 78 SC was being restored.
Needed body work on the right rear quarter. Looked like it was hit and pullled out but i didnt mind the look, so i just left it.
Left front Caliper was starting to stick a little as it was pulling to the left on hard stops. And the handbrake wouldnt hold on a steep hill, but I rarely used it anyway.Hope that helps Homer.
Looks like it is on ebay too and has a bid at $850.
Cheers, Peter

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Interesting to see cars you used to own - this is what it looked like when it left my ownership. FWIW, the car spent most of it's life in Idaho, not California. I purchased it from the second owner.

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Jeff51, when did you sell it?

Why is the new owner linking back to the old ad? Very confusing. Sounds like a solid car, but I'm seriously confused about the condition.

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I hesitate as I don't want to poop on someone's for-sale thread, but... car history is interesting so here goes.

I bought the Alfetta from the second owner late in late 2002. He had purchased it some 20 years prior in Boise from the first owner and it had served as his daily driver around Moscow ID for many years. He was very fond of the car, and I'm not sure he even really wanted to sell it, but he was up in years and wasn't using it any more. He was very meticulous mechanically and kept good care of the car in that respect. Even without the pictures I recognized it from his maintenance log (although about a half-dozen of those entries are mine :)).

The car looked OK in it's original paint from a distance, but daily service and rust had started to do it's thing and I thought I would take care of it before it got worse. The car had been hit in the left rear (you can still see the wow in the bumper), just hard enough to crease the fender out over the RR wheel. I did my best to repair it (although was never really happy with it), and also cut out and patched small rust issues in the fenders behind both front wheels and at the base of the windshield on the driver's side. That glorious patch on the right inner fender is my work too - it's ugly, but the rust was worse. The rear hatch was too far gone to bother with repairs, but it sounds like the current owner has a replacement.

As much as I always wanted an Alfetta (and still do), I never got to drive this car much and had too many other cars. About this time my brother talked me out of it, and I sold it to him for not enough money and quickly applied the red rattle-can to seal the car for the time being, as he had grandiose plans of further restoration. As I said above, it left my ownership for Spokane looking OK and working well. This was mid-2004.

A few weeks later a drunk in a jacked-up four-by tried to drive over the Alfa at a bar and did the damage to the RR quarter. My brother got a decent settlement, lost interest, and sold it on. It still bums me a bit... :(

I hope I haven't completely hijacked a for-sale thread, but every car has a story and has ups and downs in its history (and would you expect any less from a 35 year old alfa??). The Alfa was very good mechanically, so I presume that with the body sorted it would be a great car. I'll gladly pass on my handful of pictures to the new owner, but here's what it looked like in '01:

Happy Italian Motoring!
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