1974 ALFA ROMEO SPIDER AR304419* 73,000 miles

The short: One owner (essentially, see below) purchased 10/5/74. Runs and drives well, no crunch shifting, quiet rear. A small amount of outer rocker and wheel arch rust. NOT a rust bucket. Very original. Asking $6,500. Near York, PA

The long: Purchased new by an adult woman at Warrington Motors in Rossville, PA. Last PA Inspection sticker issued in 2009. Always garaged kept (I was told). Was purchased by an acquaintance/client in 2015 to add to her car collection (88 Spider, 450SL, older Range Rover, etc) and towed to me because it would not start. I drained and flushed the fuel system and repaired a faulty wire connection at the ignition distributor. Now running, I assessed the overall condition and needs of the car. The owner realized that the project was greater than she anticipated and she decided to sell the car to me. I stored the car, covered in my clean and dry barn, and put it in line as a future project. Now, 2022, I have decided to offer her for sale. A few months ago I brought her into my shop and again drained the (7 year old fuel) tank and bled the hydraulics, and changed the engine, trans, and rear oils. Over several days I test drove along my country road to tune the Spica (I am an Alfa Dealer trained professional technician with the proper Spica, and Alfa factory tools), etc. I soon realized that the fuel tank needed to be removed and cleaned. I had the fuel tank professionally cleaned and relined, installed a new fuel pump, tank level sender, both fuel filters, fuel hoses, clamps, etc. Engine now reliably running great, the coolant pump began to leak from the weep hole. A new coolant pump and front crankshaft seal were installed. I also removed the valve cover and measured the valve lash. All are in spec, or only .001 out of spec. Cams and followers all look good. Cover resealed with a new gasket. The interior presents extremely well. Rubber mats, seats, door cards, dash, etc all in VG condition. The doors open and close easily, the windows lift and lower easily, as well. All gauges, wipers, cabin fan, switchgear, all work. I believe that the top is original; it has a duct tape repair, the window is remarkably clear, and intact, for its age. I have not lowered it. The undercarriage has no rust perforations. There is no evidence of any crash damage. There is obvious evidence of some oil leakage, through the years, from the engine-trans-diff. Not a lot; doesn’t leave drips, but the cases are damp/dirty. IMO, all the rubber suspension bits, hydraulic hoses, hydraulic cylinders, engine and trans and diff mounts, shocks, are all original, and should be replaced. Center and rear mufflers have small perforations. Turbina wheels are straight, shod with old Michelin XZX tires and tubes. 5th Turbina in trunk wears an original Michelin XAS. The body presents fairly well with mostly original 514 Rosso (Farina red) paint. The left front nose was repainted and poorly blended. I see no evidence of a hard hit; perhaps a small scrape, or scratch was repaired. The L&R outer rockers were repaired at one time. The repair was not done to the highest level (seam was not replicated), but I have seen worse. All jacking points are solid, no rust through on the inner rockers or jack point mounts. There is now evidence of some new rust bubbles, and rust through on both outer rockers, and rear wheel arches. Included, I have NOS International Auto Parts; one outer rocker and one rear wheel arch that I traded for, from a client who had them leftover from a restoration of his Spider. Original stainless steel bumpers are practically perfect. IMO, with the value of these S2 Spiders continually increasing, there is plenty of room for an enthusiast/owner/proper restoration, and to still be above water. Good PA title, in my name. Asking, $6500. Located near York, PA.
See images below, many more images available.

New parts that I recently installed include:

Wes Ingram thermostatic actuator
Spica pump filter
Electric fuel delivery pump
Tank and under hood fuel filters
Fuel hoses and clamps
Fuel tank removed, professionally cleaned and relined
Coolant pump and coolant
Radiator back flushed
Front crankshaft seal
All oils and fluids changed

Andy Kaufmann (AlfaAndy on the bb)
[email protected]
717-578-8744 cell, text first