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Classic red and black 1974 Spider Iniezione 2000 convertible in good condition. This car has been loved and well-maintained. I am its third owner -- I've had it 10 years and serviced it the entire time at one of the Bay Area's most reputable Alfa mechanics, Daytona Motors. Daytona's owner, Paolo, is available to discuss the car's repair history and current condition.


CONTACT: Robert at (415) 255-2716

View additional photos at: MobileMe Gallery

  • Odometer reads 06900
  • Classic 1974 details -- chrome bumpers and round side mirror, wood steering wheel, etc.
  • Strong engine in excellent condition
  • Exempt from smog cert (as are all cars from 1975 and earlier)
  • Car has been garage-parked its entire life here in Bay Area
  • Body and interior in good condition -- a few minor dents and scratches
  • Black canvas top in very good condition (without holes or rips except a cut in the plastic rear "window"); includes vinyl convertible top cover that snaps into place when top is down
  • CD player/satellite radio
  • $5000+ invested in major upgrades in last 2 years, including new fuel pump and fuel injection pump, shocks and struts, tires (<1000 miles)
  • Over the 10 years I've owned it (~35,000 miles) I've also replaced the alternator and clutch, battery, and all the usual stuff like belts, hoses and spark plugs to keep the car in good running condition

As with any Alfa of this age, there are minor issues to be aware of:
Gear shift -- synchro a little finicky getting into 2nd gear
Turn signal doesn't shut off automatically after a left turn (must be manually flipped off)
When the engine is warm the car sometimes backfires gently when downshifting or decelerating
Fan (defroster) does not work -- I don't think it's the motor, I think it might be the switch or a loose wire, but I'm not certain

I have loved this car but it's time to let someone else enjoy it. I'm not driving the car frequently enough to justify the cost (mostly for parking).


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