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Hello all.
I'm new to the Forum.
I've had a Spider as a weekend car for 10-plus years.
My wife and I have 4 cars between us. I certainly don't need another car but I'd really like to get a GTV. I follow BAT and other sites. Is there any shot at getting a decent or better GTV for about $35K-$45K? I'm not looking to show it and it's not an investment. Just a weekend toy.
I can't do any restoration work. I'd ask APC in Orange CA to do any necessary work. I keep my Spider in very good condition, always garaged, and I wouldn't want a GTV that isn't in comparable shape.
Thanks much.

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Welcome Robert, as a new member I'd suggest you participated in a few Forum discussions before posting a wanted Ad in the Classifieds, as new members with very low post counts get viewed with a bit of suspicion, we've had a few scammers of late. The lockdown gave bored muppets new ideas on scamming, so participate, post a few pics of your Spider in the Spider Forum, establish yourself a bit, get some post count numbers and then hopefully you can match up a GTV mate for your Spider in due course

Pictures of your Spider, mmm we all like pictures

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