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1974 GTV vapor recovery tank

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So i have a SPICA 1974 GTV. The plumbing to the vapor recovery tank was a total mess. The line going to the front of the car goes no where, and the other lines weren't really connected either.

1. What the heck does this thing do?
2. I assume it was for emissions. Do I really need it?
3. If I take it out, will the car not run as well?

I'm not concerned about keeping the car original - god knows the rest of it isn't. I want simplicity and ease of maintenance. In my mind, that means the fewest parts possible. Can I just delete it??


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Attached is an image from the U.S. parts manual that shows the vapor recovery tank and its plumbing. It is from the parts manual for a 1972 model year GTV 2000 but they didn't change much, if at all for 1974.

Definitely there for emission control. I've never deleted one from a car but if your car is running fine without being properly plumbed then it is probably okay.

I do replace the factory lines with modern fuel resistant tubing.



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Where do i get one of those books??

Thanks - that info is very useful!!

Hello Simon,

just have a look here:

Salutations from the Baltic Sea


The digital copies of the parts manuals are sold by Cardisc International. Ltd..

PM me an email address capable of receiving some large files and I'll send you a bunch of Spica tech material +.

Gmail works fine.
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