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Hi guys,

Recent economic realities dictate that I don't need two GTVs, so this one must go. It has a lot of potential. A copy of the Craigslist Ad (SF Bay Area) is below, and a link to many more pics. Hoping to find a local bay area buyer.


1974 Alfa Romeo GTV; Running, Driving, Registered; $3000.00

This GTV is running, driving, registered (expires May 2012), and title is in my name. Daily driven in Santa Cruz throughout the summer.
I've owned the car for 6 years. It has been stored indoors during my stewardship. I originally bought it as parts source for my other GTV;
however, once I got it running I decided it was too good to take apart.
It's an original Prugna (Burgundy) car with factory AC and correct green tinted windows (AC cars only).
Of course, there is a reason it's only $3K; mainly non-structural
front sheetmetal damage and some rust-through on upper right side of car.


Good drivetrain
Koni reds
Motor pulls clean to redline, uses no oil, head gasket good, oil psi good, correct operating temp
Good radiator with new coolant
All gauges work correctly
All AC infrastructure intact except for compressor and condensor (modern units available)
New brake master
New clutch slave
New exhaust center section
New front exhaust mounts
Good tires (195/60-14)
Non-original black interior is not too offensive (should be tan vinyl with the Prugna exterior)
Floors, rockers, jack points, wheelwells are all very clean
Good panel gaps (other than hood)
Despite front damage, bumper and hood are still good
95% of electrical fully functioning including interior, fuel pressure, oil, brake, alternator, and gauge lamps; headlights, taillights, brake lights, reverse lights, signals
Included with car is nearly everything necessary to fix aesthetics; front nose, right rear sail panel, grill and trim rings


Rear diff has a drip
Needs AC compressor and condensor (if you desire AC)
Spare wheel tub has a few small holes
Wiper switch MIA
Headliner has two tears
Side marker lights need troubleshooting
Rust holes around antenna mount, right side quarter window, lower right windshield
Rust bubbling on lower right passenger door and other isolated areas
Front nose sheetmetal and grill need to be replaced (included)
I believe the cold start solenoid on the Spica injection pump is stuck. A common malady. It tends to load up at idle (thermostatic actuator operates correctly BTW).
I raised the idle as a bandaid. It runs very good at all other RPMs.

Most of this Alfa's needs are cosmetic. However, the body on this car is not hiding too many secrets; you can see what you're dealing with. If you are capable of panel fitting
and enjoy the satisfaction of going through the Spica this is a great project, and one that you can drive while you fix it up. From behind the wheel it's a rich Alfa GTV experience, and
at $3000.00 no trailer is even required!

More pictures here:



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