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Hello and Greetings,

I am relatively new to this BB but I have to say my experience thus far has been really positive and very helpful.

I recently embarked on rebuilding a 74 GTV 2000 that has been idle for about 20 years. The car is in great shape overall having been stored indoors that entire time and originally from a relatively dry climate (Texas, from what I can tell). CLeaned gas tank and lines etc and got it running in a short time. I have been rebuilding the suspension and the brake system and have run into a problem with the torque value on the front lower A-arms to cross member. Specifically, I have reassembled the suspension and am in the process of torquing the bolts attaching the A-arm to the cross member. THe torque value I have is 90 to 130 ft-lbs. I was surprised by the magnitude but I went with it and without much effort, I have stripped the treads on two of the bolts. I am using values from the attached pdf table -- albeit for a 1750 -- I found on the BB.

Can anyone give me some insight? Am I using the right info? I cannot find a similar table in the manual I have. By the way the bolts and nylon locking nuts appear to be original and match the parts description I have as M10X1.25X40MM. I did the normal clean and used an anti-seize compound (permatex, I think)


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