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Hi Y'all,

Well with another baby on the way and a larger house purchase happening I have to reluctantly part with one of my toys.

The Duetto stays, so the GTV's gotta go. I always wanted a GTV and This makes me very sad.

Here are the particulars:

Got the car in October. It had just had the trans rebuilt and the clutch replaced. Since then I have completely rebuilt and upgraded the entire suspension and brake system.




All new front lower control arm bushings ( OEM Alfa )
New Regina adjustable upper control arms
OEM alfa Lemforder lower ball joints, castor joint, and tie/track rod ends
Performatek poly castor bushings
Late model front sway bar ( same size but with the ball joint endlinks) and new bushings
Dave Rugh springs - powdercoated black
Bilstein shocks


Performatek poly bushings for lower control arms, trunion where it attaches to the diff., and the washers at the ends of the trunion
Dave Rugh springs and Bilstein shocks
Stock rear swaybar with new bushings


New 22mm master cylinder
All New rotors ( drilled and slotted front )
Larger 4-piston brake calipers on front ( from BMW 2002tii )
EBC Green Stuff pads f&r

The car is Navy ( Olandese ) blue with tan door panels.

I removed the back seat and have replaced the fronts with a beautiful set of Recaro LXL's in Navy Blue with Blue monza inserts ( like those in a Milano Verde but blue instead of black )
I have a new not installed Navy blue carpet set with extra carpet for the rear seat area.

I made a new rear parcel shelf covered in black marine vinyl.

I have a brand new Pioneer cd/mp3 deck with 4 polk audio speakers ( rears installed )

I replaced the gauge cluster with a functional and refinished used one.

I replaced the head gasket with a top quality reinz.

I relocated the battery to the trunk ( right behind the rear seat ) and installed a new Optima battery

I have a lot of small parts extra ( hazard light switch, grill pieces, window winders ) that O just started collecting.

The car has around 130000 but the new speedo shows 76000.

The car runs great when warmed up, a little rough cold.

It goes like a rocket and handles incredibly - Firm but controlled.

It has a new set of 15 x 6 Panasports and new ( less than 300 miles ) Kumho Supra 712/s 195/55-15. The spare tire is new.

Best for last: The original blue california plate says "GTV1974" !!!

I am looking to get around $9500. The paint is pretty good with just a few rust spots and some light damage on the drivers door. Both front and rear windows have ZERO rust.

Let me know if you're interested or want to make an offer.

Dan Walker

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more stuff

I was on break at work before and I forgot a bunch of things.

The car either comes with the following installed or just as parts:

Rebuilt radiator , new hoses and belts
K&N Spica air filters

pack of 9 ( I think ) oil filters, plus spica oil filters and a fuel filter
New washer bag and chrome nozzle
Hella H4 headlights
10" electric fan kit with thermo switch ( the good kind that has to be soldered to the radiator tank )
new rear exhaust stinger ( Ansa on the car )
euro taillight lenses with a spare left side light assy
three good front signal lenses ( two with the housing )
new steering wheel with adapter and extension
10548 cams installed
braided steel brake lines installed with ATE super blue fluid
new driveshaft center support bearing and flex coupling nstalled
2 new chrome side view mirrors to be installed
gas tank filler rubber boot

The dash is cracked and has a cap.

The car doesn't smoke or burn oil. It inly leaks a small amount from the front - probably the main seal
The car passed california emissions and has not been modified since - will be smog exempt next year !!

That's all for now.

Email me at [email protected] with any questions.

Thanks !!!
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