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I have too many cars and working on the theory last in first out this might have to go, it's also probably the easiest to sell.
the story :
Chassis # 3045146 Alfa Romeo US Spider 2000 built on 23 Sept 1974, color Blue with Amaranth tex interior, sold by Emilio's Foreign Cars in Santa Barbara 10/10/1975 To an Amos Testa he couldn't have liked it because it was sold two months later to Ernest Richards of Goleta who kept the car till his death earlier this year. The Ca licence plate was 108NQD which is with the car with 1975 tags. The car sat for a long time, was recommisioned in 1978 then sat again till August 2003 when Ernest had the motor rebuilt to European specs by Rich Goodrich of Fresno, cost $4400, in January he had Goodrich fit Weber 40 DCOE carbs at a cost of $1966, the car then sat till this year the last tag on the car was 2005, so I am assuming the car has done very little mileage since the rebuild, the tires were replaced in 2003 and show very little wear. The odo shows approx 6700 miles but the speedo is inop, this is by looking at it, a very low mileage car but the true miles are unknow. The paint is 100% original and nice , there is a small area by the rear bumper that needs attention and there are some dings that need to be addressed but she is really presentable. The quality Top is recent and perfect, the seats are original and perfect. The tires are old but very good , The dash is very good with only 1 minor crack. The car is perfect underneath, it really looks like a 20,000 mile car there is no rust at all. this car is a true survivor, the paint in the trunk is beautiful and the spare tire is unused. I have recommisioned the car and she drives perfectly the transmission shifts like butter and the car is really very fast and tight. I will be at the best of France and Italy show in Woodley Park Los Angeles this Sunday with the car I can send pics when I take some but this car needs to be seen and driven to be appreciated ,there are several cars advertised in the $20,000 range I would not swap this car for. I will start my price at $14,500 car has a clean California title and is currently registered. Steve 805 331 2184


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