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1974 alfaromeo berlina 2000 price

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Hi guys,
Just saw an 1974 alfaromeo berlina 2000 here in sri lanka.body is badly corroded most of the parts are there ,not started or run for about six years.he is asking for the equlant of 1500 us $ .Can you guys help me in a rough valuation.


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Without being able to drive it and test the mechanical functions, I presume the worst, that nothing works. Also, without seeing extent of rust, it's hard to say. But to me $1500 US is the price for an operable beater, which this isn't. I'd say it's worth roughly about half that. How many Berlinas come up for sale in Sri Lanka though?

Hi there,

I wouldn´t even think about it. Even it was the only one in Sri Lanka. Never seen such a rotten car. Looks like there was a high humidity especially when you look at the interior.

regards Jan
The dash looks good, but other than that, you have a long road ahead of you to get that car in shape. I'd offer him $500.00 and see if he is interested, otherwise I'd walk away.
I've seen worse in terms of rust and mildew. How many RHD Berlinas are you going to be able to choose from if that's what you want?
what makes the difference between paying 500 or 1000$ - you´ll have to spent more than 20k$ in restoring this piece of rust......
i would offer him 200 only for saving good parts.......
Thanks guys, for your advice was keen on it since it is the only car here will try to get it if i get it around or below 500
A big question that hasn't been addressed here is the cost of getting metal work done in your area. If the sort of work this car needs is inexpensive in Sri Lanka, go for it. That car would be cost prohibitive to pay someone else to fix in the San Francisco bay area, but quite cheap in most of South America...
that would be for bodywork then, getting the parts (shipping cost) would still probably be prohibitive.
If you want the right hand driveness, it may be good to buy as a source of spare parts, then buy a good left hander and swop the necessary parts over. There has been two on ebay in Italy this last week, neither sold, so may be relisted. One of them even had air-con and from my poor translation from Italian to English, the A/C was in working order too...:cool::cool::cool:
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