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I just got off the phone with Ed and he told me to share some more specifics with you guys:

Great project car but needs some tlc
Hasn’t run since 2018
minor surface rust in back
Some exterior cosmetic issues
Top needs to be replaced
Spica fuel injected
Clear title in his name, title in hand.
Needs new radiator
last driven in 2018
No grinding in gears
Parked outside for now
New Ansa muffler
No recent service (last serviced 2018)
Drivers seat bottom tear
Inherited from Brother (who purchased in the 1970’s)
Possibly a 3 owner car

If I have the time I’ll go out there and try to get some undercarriage pictures.

Ed is a pleasure to talk to and he would love the buyer to come from the Alfabb community/be a passionate Alfa fan.

Good luck with the sale! I’d be all over this one if I didn’t already have a 73’.

Push hard and live
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