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Purchased the car about 2 years ago, the car currently has approximately 43,000 miles and was previously restored (guessing ealy 90's). Starts and drives, transmission shifts well, perhaps a slight notchiness when first driven. Compression checked at 175-174-175-175 . Relatively new tires, new mid-mufffler, all filters changed, pertronix ignition, thermostatic actuator works. Recently recovered seats, the floors were patched on earlier restoration and appear sound.
The bad-Rust in a few places, most notably a fair amount in the trunk floor corner by the gas tank. There are several spots where the rust has bubbled paint and approx. 3-4 placed where the rust gone through the metal. Bottom of the doors are rusty. One rocker appears to have already been replaced, not sure about the other. Top rear window is cracked in several places. Blower inop. Fuel filter tends to clog with ~250 miles of use, have recently pulled and cleaned but not sure if fixed.
Pictures are a bit off, PM for details and better pictures
Thanks for looking
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