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1974 Alfa GTV - Silver

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Hello all,

I am considering to sell my 1974 GTV of which I am the third owner. I have records from the PO going back to the late 1990's. Car was purchased by the PO from a friend who had it in storage for about 10-13 years and was the original owner.
This car has has a host of work done and some upgrades, Wes Ingram camshaft, new top end,new calipers, ss brake lines, ss exhaust system, electronic ignition, true HID lamps for night driving,recently drivers and passenger seats were recovered in correct Alfa material. The interior is the Brown Boar hide (so brownish). Car is slightly lowered due to a set of centerline springs all the away around, koni shocks and more. The tyres on it now are 195/65 Michelin Harmony the wheels are period correct MOMO Car drives beautifully and sounds awesome. I hope to take some good photos of it this weekend, here is one from my cellphone.

Oh yes the mileage is under 40,000 and I believe this is actual mileage as when we removed the seats to put on the new covers there was still plastic from the original covering when the car was delivered to the dealer.

I am looking for $18000 obo



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What is the location of the vehicle? Mileage?
Located in Western Massachusetts...under 40.000 miles.
Beautiful car...regarding the the Momo's, also love the 4 spoke BWA's and the GTA replicas....funny how each one changes the look...Good luck....
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