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1972 gtv2000

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1972 GTV2000 for sale, Atlanta, GA. Bought from Bob Cozza in 2005, has decent paint over some bondo (looks great from 10 ft), new upholstery on seats, new headliner. Weber conversion, runs OK, but should have engine rebuild, transmission balky in 3rd, otherwise OK, suspension needs rebuild. $7,500. No time to finish. Thanks. Pete.


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Very interested in your car. Send me a PM with your contact phone and e mail.
Also interested. Can you send me your email or phone number please.

Interested too. Can you send me your contacts, please?
Sorry for the delayed response - my account got locked out somehow. My email is [email protected], mobile phone 678-777-3532. Thanks.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts