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1972 Alfa Giulia 1300 Super personally owned and modified by the famous Balduzzi or Lodi with 2 liter rally engine and suspension. 72,500KM. $38,000 in California.

I imported this car from Italy. It was Balduzzi of Lodi's personal car. Balduzzi was one of the original mechanics who worked on the GTA and GTAm.

A GTAm for sale on Alfaholics touted the fact that it came with an original Balduzzi engine

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This Guilia 1300 Super has only 72,700 original KM, which is reflected in the original interior. The existing flaws in the interior is a tear to one section of the driver's seat. When I bought the car in Italy the wood was perfect but during shipping the varnish on the wood by the passenger began to bubble a little.

There is no rust.

The showcase of the car is the engine and suspension work. With a 2 liter engine putting out 180hp. Below is a translation from Balduzzi on the modifications to the car.

The Guilia was disassembled and repainted by Balduzzi and the following mechanical work was done. It was Balduzzi's personal car.

Below is information from Balduzzi that I translated: It is a $15,000 engine.

"The Alfa Romeo Giulia Super 1300 , has been the subject of numerous modifications by the well-known trainer Santino Balduzzi of Lodi. In the late '60s and early '70s , Balduzzi participated in the European Championship races , with the legendary GTA in 1600 and later with the GTAM 1750/2000 Private , winning some races. In particular the 4 hours of Monza in 1973 won the GTAM of Balduzzi . In those years , Balduzzi collaborated with Autodelta to the development of warheads and in some races , his machines were stronger than the official ones . The most important changes performed by Balduzzi on Giulia , concerning the engine , which was replaced with a 2000 cc totally revised and up initially with pistons printed lighter and with higher compression ratio , the cylinder head was machined in the suction and discharge , have been replaced with those camshafts type race , the valve seats were machined and the valve guides replaced to optimize the flow of air-fuel mixture ; carburetors have been subject to modification and replacement of air diffusers increased to 36 mm . Have been replaced and increased fuel jets and air brakes were appliccati the intake trumpets directly , the exhaust manifolds are made of steel with larger diameter as well as the muffler has been revised and abolished the central barrel and the exchange rate has remained the same the Giulia1300 with short gear ratios as well as the differential is fitted with a bevel of giulia 1600 slightly longer. Regarding the structure , the springs have been replaced with other tougher than 40% and the shock absorbers were replaced with Koni Raging adjustable ; brakes were fitted with dynamic air intakes and have been applied in addition to the pipes pads Racing racing brake ; the rubber mounts have been replaced with other teflon . These are the main changes that have been made ​​to the car , raising the maximum power to 180 hp at 7000 rpm , by adjusting the chassis to withstand the power."

The Guilia is sold with Italian title, and all customs and EPA paperwork.

It is in La Jolla, CA and available for inspection.

Please email or call me with any questions. I have dozens of photos of the exterior, interior and chassis.


Robert 415.272.0262
[email protected]


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