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1972 Berlina FS in Berkeley

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1972 2000 Berlina for sale. Silver with tan interior. Complete, operable car, which I brought back to life after a few years sitting in Oregon (see earlier discussion on Sedan forum). Car runs and is driveable, but is a project. Car is complete and all systems work, with a few exceptions. Could be an on-the-road driver with a few days' work.

Car is very straight with no apparent wrecks. Bumpers, trim, and glass all good, other than missing one windshield trim piece. Body has Oregon rust. RR door and LR lower fender are the worst areas, but sills and front jack points will need work too.

Original 2000 engine has Spica with Shankle Sure-Start. Starts and runs decently, with 185-190 compression and 70 lbs oil pressure. Probably needs head gasket; steam comes out exhaust. Just changed oil and filter, with no scary stuff apparent.

Trans, clutch, brakes all work after I replaced clutch MC and SC and bled both hydraulic systems. Decent tires, suspension stock.

Interior not bad; driver's seat is poor, and some seam splits in rear seat. Door panels, headliner, dash all OK (two dash cracks). Carpets dirty but intact.

I got this car as a package deal with a Giulietta, and don't need it. Comes with its Oregon title from a past owner (last registered 2003). I flat-towed it from Oregon. Operable locally, but I wouldn't drive it other than up and down the street without more work.

Yes it's a project or a beater driver, but all systems function and it's straight. Bumpers and glass, amazingly, are fine. Wiper assembly needs motor, and heater fan, as is common, doesn't turn. Includes extra LR, RR, and RF door if you want to get a start on the rust. Sell off the good stuff and use as a LeMons car?

$1500/BO. See in Berkeley. Email for pics. Andrew (510) 526-0391


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Happy to talk a lower price if anyone's interested. I'd like to get this out of my driveway.

It does have body rust to fix, but it's actually more solid than it looks in the pics. Most of what's obvious in the picture is surface rust and peeling paint. Three extra doors come with the car, which will basically solve the door rust issues, and the floors are surprisingly solid. The main areas needing work are the LR lower fender under the bumper, a few places in the sills, and the LF jack point. Rear jack points are good, and RF needs a little work, but I've supported the car on it without a problem.

Interior is usable as-is with a good cleaning. Not to say it's pristine, of course.

A bit too far away, I'm afraid! This is a great deal. I hope somebody takes it soon.
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