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My 1972 Berlina is back up for sale. As you all know I'm picking up my "new" one next week.

Here are the details:

Red w/ white top 1972 Berlina 2000
Click here for: BERLINA PHOTOS
$1,000.00 OBO

New clutch master, slave and hose
Idler arm rebuilt
New transmission mount
Tie rod ends replaced
Replaced Alternator
Replaced Starter
Replaced exhaust
New brake pads
Replaced front bumper
New speedo cable
Replaced column switches
Replaced center console
Tightened/greased steering box
Gear oil/differential oil recently changed (Shell Spirax)

It's been my daily driver for a while now. Gets me to work and back (44 miles RT). The seats are ripped, a portion of the back seat is missing. Dash is cracked. Headliner is ok, not drooping but has some stains and couple small tears. The engine is good, it burns some oil (hey, it's an old Alfa), the Spica is responsive. I have had a great time with this car.

Here's what needs attention:

Driveshaft could stand balancing (some vibration at around 60ish). Needs wiper motor. Heater doesn't work. The paint, while "cute" from 10 ft away is not very good. There is a crack in the right hand side of the windshield. Needs a radiator overflow bottle and oil vapor seperator.

This Berlina is a fun little car. It's not in pristine condition, but a nice rare Alfa in decent driving order. If anyone wants more photos just ask. Car and myself are located in Seattle. I'd like to sell it before I go to pick up my new one. This is your chance to own your very own Berlina for a good price.

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I hope you told the new owner that they HAVE to join the BB! I need to see more pictures of the little fire chief car!
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