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I'm selling a 1971 Alfa Romeo Spider with a 2 liter engine.

The 71's originally came with a 1750 engine, but I swapped that out for a 2 liter from a 74 Berlina. The engine has been ported and has oversized valves.

(Currently it does smoke some when you let off the gas. Probably due for a valve job, nothing unusual for an Alfa.)

It has one very small dent in the front of the nose. (A gift from some idiot in a parking lot.)

Here's general condition information:

Body: Straight and True except for the previously mentioned dent in the nose

Paint: In very good shape - minimal door dings and chips. Under car port or garaged most of its life

Engine: Smokes when you let off the pedal, my guess is its valves, but runs well and pulls well from very low RPM. Estimated 60K on engine - ported and it has oversized valves.

Interior -----

Dashboard: The usual big split in Alfas - currently has Alfa International Plastic cover - not glued down, so next owner can do as they like with the dash

Seats: Worn out. They currently have Alfa International seat covers that look very much like the original seat.

Console: In good shape, with new boot and new trim. Missing Heater / vent dash plastic indicator.

Doors: Were modified by pervious owner that took out speakers and make a decent custom fix. Chrome trim is worn.

Rugs: Excellent shape, I put in new carpet all the way through with OEM parts from Alf International. (This is starting to sound like an AI ad.)

Chassis: straight and true

Front End: I went thought he front end about 60 - 70K ago - replaced all rubber and new shocks all the way around

Transmission: Obligatory second gear synchro shot - otherwise fine

Brakes: I replace the Master Cylinder about 20K ago, but the pedal is still a bit spongy. I'll probably have bled the brakes by the time you read this to see if that makes a difference, but my guess is bad wheel cylinder.

Top: Very good shape - CLOTH top with good visibility through rear window - no tears, or blemishes.

OK, that's and honest assessment of the car. Over all it's very drivable, and could be used as an everyday commuter. Reliable enough as far as used Alfas go that have been decently kept up.

As you will find if you do the research, prices on early 60's - 70's Alfas are all over the map.

I've priced it out to what I consider a good price for the car and the shape it's in. The price is firm.

I have a lot of pictures that I can send you if you email to me.

Please serious inquiries only.


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A quick update:

I did a little work on it tonight. I bled the brakes, this improved them some, and I replaced the rear muffler / tailpipe bracket.

Also in driving it around tonight I did hear an exhaust leak, probably the gasket.

You can view all the pictures at:

hondapro1 . com

If you have any questions or want to look at the ar, feel free to call me at 510-485-1400.

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