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For sale is my carefully restored ’71 Spider 1750 with care taken to bring the car to as good a condition possible, without going to the 100-pt concours level, so that it can be enjoyed.

A special consideration throughout the restoration was to ensure that the car’s originality was retained, often at great expense (the SPICA rebuilt instead of a carbs modification and the proper vinyl upholstery at a 4x cost of carpets are good indicators of this). In the description of work done below, you will see many references to “period-correct” – this was achieved by sourcing high-quality parts from mainly Classic Alfa in the UK, and partially from International, Centerline, and APE when necessary. I retained as much of the original car as possible, in order to preserve its identity. For example the windshield, door panels, bumpers and dashboard, while original they were in such good condition that there was no need to replace.

I bought the car 18 months ago from an ailing gentleman in Sunnyvale. He and his wife bought the car in New Jersey in 1971 and drove it to their new Sunnyvale home in 1972 when they relocated for his new job. The car blew a head gasket sometime in the middle 2000s and was thereafter stored in his garage collecting dust. This explains the car’s remarkable condition. I bought it from his son 10 minutes after seeing it – and from what I was told, I was the first person to see it with several others waiting to see/buy it the same day (also the first day it was advertised on Craigslist).

I have owned many Alfas over the years and am quite familiar with their idiosyncrasies and the great pleasure they can deliver when properly sorted out. As such, when I found this car, I bought it intending to make it “the one to have” and a keeper. However, a rather enticing old German car fell on my lap a few months ago and simply put, I could not pass it up. I only have room for one car in the garage, currently occupied by the Alfa, and the new arrival has to take its place. As such, the Alfa is for sale as I don’t have the heart to park it in the driveway.

Below is a list of all the work done since I bought it. Most of the work was done by a well known Bay Area Alfa shop whose owner will be happy to share any details with a prospective buyer.

• New paint a month ago, in the exact original silver - actual color is “Light Gray Metallic”, AR727, an extra cost option when the car was originally sold
• New driver’s side floor pan to best address a 2”x1” rust spot (the other floor pans were in excellent condition). There is no rust anywhere on the car
• New door locks (new set of keys for ignition and door locks included)
• New badges all around with the exception of the Pininfarina side emblems that were left original to reflect the car’s age. A new set will be provided with the car
• New door seals/weather-stripping, and door check straps
• New wipers

• Rebuilt cylinder head with new valves, springs, valve seals
• New gaskets and seals throughout the engine as it was taken apart
• New motor mounts
• New fuel pressure sensor and fuel filters
• New oil pressure switch
• New temperature sending unit
• New water pump, radiator, and coolant expansion reservoir
• New belts
• Rebuilt steering rack with new seals
• Rebuilt transmission with new synchros and lightened gears, making shifting better than any of the many 105 series cars I have owned
• New clutch, release bearing, master and slave cylinders
• Rebuilt SPICA pump model 237/2 by Wes Ingram (paperwork/warranty included) and rebuilt/freshened remaining injection parts
• New electronic distributor, electronic coil, spark plugs and wires
• New ignition switch
• New throttle cable
• New (no rebuilt parts) brake system in its entirety that included front and rear rotors, calipers, pads, as well as booster, master cylinder, and of course brake fluid
• New wheel bearings, inner/outer both front and rear
• Five new tires (including spare)
• Front/rear wheel alignment
• New muffler

• Recovered seats with original vinyl pattern/upholstery and new seat foam
• New center console switch gear (all switches work as they were designed to, and all lamps are operational
• New vinyl “carpeting” throughout the interior and trunk in period-correct vinyl with the correct pattern. Only part that was not replaced was the skirt that drapes under the rear Plexiglas window
• New period-correct sound deadening material (under vinyl) throughout the interior
• New pedals
• New period-correct handbrake and shifter boot
• New period-correct shift knob
• New top in period-correct color and material
• Rebuilt windshield wiper motor
• Refreshed rear view mirror with working interior light (yes, the light comes on when you open the door – if you have owned old Alfas, you understand the reference!)
• New period-correct sun visors
• Rebuilt tachometer
• Period-correct Blaupunkt stereo (I never installed a speaker so as not to mar the interior. There is space under the glove box if the new owner wants sound, and there is a speaker cable already connected and shown in one of the pictures)
• New radio antenna
• New battery

The elements of the car that were left untouched include:
• Original, uncracked dashboard; there was no need to change it as it is still in its immaculate condition
• Original windshield still retaining the 1972 New Jersey sticker
• Original lap-belts that work as designed, although the passenger one needs help unbuckling
• Original, polished bumpers, that include the horizontal bar that connects the two front bumper pieces, retained as it was built that way (these are often missing from cars of the era)
• Original door mirror
• Original wheels with original hubcaps

Along with the car I will supply the following:
• Extra original-type oil filters (not more modern modified to canister type
• Quarter window locking clips with the proper glass glue

Although the car is properly registered and insured, I will be retaining the plates upon its sale. You will know why when you see it in person ☺

As you can imagine, I have spent close to $30K on this car which I did not mind doing as I was expecting to keep it forever. However, the German replacement was such a good deal that I have plenty of room to sell my Alfa at a market-correct price for its condition. The asking price is $21,500. Please do not come to me with unreasonable offers – although I am space constrained, I am not willing to just let it go, and can instead store at a facility if need be.

You can email me directly at [email protected] or via this site’s service.

The car is located in Santa Clara, CA


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