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Hello everyone. I'm just wondering the best place to find the parts and shop manual for my 1971 GTV 1750. Also is there a vendor resource page here on the BB?

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For manuals, you can get them in electronic form from the US Alfa Romeo Owners Club (thanks to our own Papajam). Ask for the "all-in-one":

Alfa Romeo Owners Club USA - Manuals

There is a vendor list somewhere but I don't know how to find it.

Your top hitters, though, are going to be:

Centerline Alfa Romeo Parts & Accessories
International Auto Parts
Vick Autosports, Fiat & Alfa Romeo Parts
Spruell Motorsports
Classic Alfa
EB Spares

First 4 in the US, last 3 in the UK but shipping is fast and not terribly expensive. They basically sell the same stuff for the same prices but sometimes you can find a better part on one site, or a better price. And of course specialized performance/race parts vary greatly from site to site. Centerline is my favorite, but they would be since I can walk over from my office and get parts from them!

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