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1971 GTV 1750 Project

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The big money has already been spent on this GTV. It was stripped to bare metal, had minor rust repaired around the rear wheel wells and at the driver’s jack point, and received new floorboards. The body was then painted with three coats of Sikkens paint, and clearcoated. All of this was done at a professional body shop. It is probably one of the best GTV bodies in the country.

The 1750 engine, which had 89,000 miles on it, was rebuilt by Hi-Performance, a local Alfa specialist. It was built back to stock, receiving new pistons, rings, and valves. The carbs have not been rebuilt.

The car has a new wiring harness, partially installed. The gas tank has been cleaned, painted, and reinstalled, as has the radiator.

None of this was done cheaply.

Glass is good. Chrome is good. Front seats are good, but the back seat is faded. The carpets, interior panels, and headliner need to be replaced. The car comes with BWA wheels, as well as new wood trim for the dashboard and console. It has an old Nardi steering wheel.

Once assembled and sorted, this can easily be a $25,000 GTV. I’ve taken it this far, and am looking for someone to finish the job to the level it’s been taken so far.

The $9000 price reflects a considerable loss on my part, permits a buyer to obtain the completed professional work at a substantial discount, and allows professional completion of the project, plus room for some profit on the completed car.

Please send me a private message to inquire further.

near Tulsa, Oklahoma


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More photos.


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Hi,it looks like an interesting project car.However I have always been reluctant to buy a
car taken appart.Is the car 100% complete?What does it need?
[email protected]
The car is complete. I can provide a third party for verification of the car's condition. Again, private message, please.

The car will need to be picked up. I will reasonably assist with transport, but it's a disassembled car.
The car is sold.

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