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1971 Alfa Romeo 1750 Spider PROJECT


Purchased in 2000 and stored inside. Complete - but apart and stripped for a repaint. Solid body. SS bumpers – all trim and hardware. Originally green with black top and interior. I have the original 1750 Spica engine in pcs Or a Fresh 2.0L Weber engine – see below.
Needs complete interior and top / paint and assembly. Not for the faint at heart!

Off road since 1990. Soft floors and some lower typical rust issues but easy fix.
New Brown top and tonneau included.
67000 miles on the clock.




I can send additional detailed pictures to truly interested parties direct to their email as required -

Option A ) Car as a roller. $1200 (Worth the cost of the SS bumpers… )

I have the original COMPLETE Spica parts motor and trans for an extra $1200
Good crank, Excellent block - no corrosion on deck, head studs or block/liner sealing area. ALL hardware -
Trans ??? 67 K miles - I have NOT Disassembled it.
I can send a bunch of detailed pictures to truly interested parties direct to their email -



EXCELLENT core cylinder head

add $300 for a set of lightly used JE high compression pistons, balanced at 450 grams with liners. Friction coated, NEW chromoly rings - end gapped. Liners have fresh hone. Light Wt JE pistons and pins. These are in great shape / drop in. Photos don't do these justice. Bring your Mics.




2.0 L Alfa Weber Motor, Rebuilt, low miles. From valve cover to oil pan and cooling fan to pressure plate.
The story…

I bought this from a reputable repair shop in Rochester NY about ten years ago. It was pulled from a GTV. Tony the shop owner – who I still know and trust - said he built it and the owner had it in the car about “two summers”. It was originally a Spica engine that now has performance cams. DCOE 40’s. Piston Kit -10:1??? Bearings etc.
I was going to put it in a 1750 Spider project but that’s for sale now too.
The motor has been in my heated shop and has been sealed, fogged and turned over regularly.
I pulled the valve cover. Checked lash and chain tension and the cam and lifters. I rechecked the head torque properly loosening, lubricated nut/washers individually and retorqued to spec. Cam journals too. I pulled the Webers and cleaned them, set the float level and installed new but used carb mounts. Accelerator pumps function properly. They are mounted to a Euro 2.0L manifold. The oil was drained and new oil/filter installed. The oil system was forced pressure feed externally to insure everything was pre-oiled properly. The plugs were removed and the engine turned over with no fuel or ignition to ensure oil pump pressure was seen on a remote gauge. Plugs installed and it fired immediately on a remote fuel system.
The engine has been started and run several minutes. Ignition timing set. Carbs synched. A visual inspection of the intake and exhaust ports shows minimal carbon build up on the valves or ports as well as through the spark plug. Piston tops and valve/seat contact surface looks good.
No smoke. Fast cold starts and restarts. Great oil pressure – videos available.
Compression was checked. Cold engine/open throttle. Numbers approximately:
1/131 2/135 3/138 4/139
Electronic ignition
Webers fitted with: 30mm Venturis, 125 mains, 200 air, F16 emulsion tubes, 55F5 accelerators, 50F8 idle circuit. 35 needle/seat. Synched and good mounts. Euro manifold.
Cams – aftermarket - #10121032001 - Autodelta - from comments on the BB - both intake and exhaust are 10.2mm Lift. Lifters and lobes look good.
Clutch/ PP look near new – no issues
Alternator and voltage regulator included. Work properly and read 13,2 V at idle.
Currently the engine has a bat wing pan and pump installed for 1966 and up Alfa Spiders/GTV’s/Berlinetta.
I have nearly every combination of Giulietta/Guilia/Alfetta oil pan, oil pump, front water pump and exhaust header for your application.

I will disassemble to any level to confirm the integrity of engine/components for the cost of time and replacement materials. Can see/inspect running engine at my shop.

I have lots of photos of the individual cylinder compression results. Cold start. Warm oil pressure. Oil pressure rise etc I can send to interested parties if truly interested. Bring your Mics.

Engine is on a stand and I can demonstrate.


Complete running engine with clutch/flywheel/PP/electronic ignition/alternator/header $3500

Engine will be offered separately on the BB parts forum.

Or make me an offer for everything I can’t refuse ! – I need the space.

Chris D
585 330 5456
Rochester NY

[email protected]

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More engine pics on the BB parts forum.

Thanks, Chris D

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Pictures of the 1750 engine. Show a euro timing cover not a Spica one.

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Jim G - Good catch. I'll dig up the proper front cover for the Spica system. I still have 5 blocks stashed away from my Group 3 Vintage race car days and just picked the wrong one......

Thanks Chris D
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