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Created by Toni Bianco, an Italian living in Brazil...the Furia (or Fury) was built and raced in the early 70s. Of the 5 built, they had differing engines; sometimes Chevy, or BMW, Ferrari, and one time a V12 Lamborghini Miura engine. The only Alfa powered version raced in a 6 Hour endurance race in Brazil and took 5th place in 1971. It raced against the Ferrari 512s and Porsche 910s. It had a 2150cc Alfa Romeo engine producing 138 HP and had a tubular chassis, triangular suspension arms, and Hewland Girling 4 wheel disc brakes. It supposedly has an Alfa 2 ltr motor today!

Toni initially worked as Design Director at National Motor Factory (FNM) who was licensed to produce Alfa Romeos in Brazil. Along with his partner Victor Massari, they opened a small company called Fury Auto Sport Ltd to produce the cars. They also produced a good looking prototype 2+2 street car using the same Alfa engine called the Furia GT. It was initially red but is nicely restored today as a silver car.) It never made it into production. In 1974 he built a Tipo33 (See right hand photo below) based race car as well.

Odd facts are that the Ferrari engine car still exists but has a Dodge V8 engine. Also, the Lamborghini powered car got it's engine after some poor sap crashed his street Miura and Toni salvaged the motor.

Find more at: Toni Bianco


1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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