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Hi all,

First post so here goes......

Last week I was the lucky recipient of an Alfa Spider 2000 S2, 1971/2 (I think) I managed to intercept this pre disassembly for spares / scrap as it's previous owner had not touched / started it for 20years and had lost any hope of restoration due to lack of progress, Please excuse my lack of fundamental knowledge with these classics but I have no previous experience with alfa's, I have a basic grasp of mechanics but I am calling upon all you enthusiasts for a little help and guidance !! "please"

Story so far.....After all the pre fire up precautions I hooked her up to a fully charged 12v battery and with fingers crossed turned the key! nothing, long story short with the help of previous posts on the forum I cleaned and replaced all main earths etc and checked wiring best I could...still nothing, So I confirmed the ignition swith was good and turned my attention to the starter motor, Again with help form previous posts I had the starter out within an hour and when tested it, turned out to be dead so I sent it off for refurbishment, With a new solenoid and brushes I re-fitted the unit and she now turns over....

Now for the head ache and pain !!

I have now replaced the below

1,Distributor cap (marelli type)
2,Rotor arm,
6,HT leads

Possible next stop could be coil??

With all of the above installed to the best of my knowledge I still have no action! I have removed a plug and turned her over and can see no spark when placed on the rocker cover if anyone can offer any assistance on a starting point for investigation? Links with pics or any good literature that would fantastic

I understand this will be a long road of discovery and learning but I would love to hear it run for a little inspiration,

Cheers all,...please help
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