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1967 GTV and 1968 Giulia Super - Bollino D'Oro
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Good stuff going on for sure...I am in the same boat as you and others. First vintage alfa owner with a fresh suspension upgrade. So fun to drive!!

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Very delayed update on the build. Feel free to subscribe to the channel as I鈥檒l be posting much more frequently! Stoked for this. Thanks!

Dream Engine Build Reveal - Twin Spark | Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300TI
haha Nice!! Cant wait to see the video. Was curious why you were so quiet for a while now

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This quickly turned into a $50k project LOL
hahaha at 61 as of now. after everything installed and buttoned up, maybe 67ish? Not bad for having 80% of an Alfaholics GTA-R for 25% of the price 馃し鈥嶁檪锔廼dk

I just dont want to wait 20 years to do a dream build ya know? Lifes too short. Now I need to find a money tree 馃槀.

An air intake headlamp?
I will be modifying a velocity stack behind the inner mesh hole, not the outer headlight, even though its a perfect fit lol.

Very, very nice project, congrats ! can we have some details about the engine ?
thank you for the kind words! final numbers are 184.4hp/165.7lb-ft

heres the numbers from the dyno day

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1973 Guilia Super 1.3 | 1750 Engine with Weber DCOE 40 Tipo 32
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Honest question, when doing a high power build like this with a TSpark. Why did you choose DCOE45s over an ITB setup? From an economics point of view, ITB fuel injection is not that much more expensive than good, well set up DCOEs.

I know there is no "right" answer to this.....DCOEs are fantastic - tried and true, they sound great, etc. "Analog". I totally get it. I'm honestly curious. If I were ever to through a huge pile of money at an engine build, I'd be hard pressed to make the decision of which way to go.

The build looks amazing. Keep us posted!
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