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Which size looks best? The Super Oscars or the Oscars?

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1969 Giulia 1300 Ti
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I have two sets of NOS Cibie driving lights (Oscars and Super Oscars) and would like to install one set above the bumper on my newly-acquired modified 1969 Giulia 1300 Ti (I'm building a bracket to install under the front bumper). I've mocked up an installation and attached the photos. Which size do you think looks best on my car? The Super Oscars are very impressive but may be too big for the car. Your thoughts?
Thanks very much for any input.
John Hawkins
Napa Valley, CA
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1973 Guilia Super 1.3 | 1750 Engine with Weber DCOE 40 Tipo 32
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The small ones. I always thought that the one on Jethro Bronner’s “Porco Rosso” look good
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