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Hey Everyone,
I just bought the Alfa I always wanted. A 1969 spider! So now it is time to start repairing, improving, and modifying (only slightly) to make the car exactly how I want it. Don't worry everyone, when I say modify, it is mostly exhaust and wheels and possibly a stiffer suspension in the future. Nothing more.
So first things first. The center exhaust on the car has a rather large hole and it is time to go. I was thinking of actually having the rotted box cut out and a straight pipe put in. I also would like to put a stinger pipe on the rear.
I was just wondering what other people have done to their exhaust.

I have seen what Centerline has to offer but I would really like to see pics of exhausts on cars to get a better idea before I make a purchase. If anyone could post pics of their car's exhaust out the back, I would really appreciate it.

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