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1969 Duetto rear end bang, noise over expansion joints and bumps.

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As the title says, a loud bang occurs and is felt through the rear right, sometimes up through the center tunnel/pass floorpan (no insulation or carpet) over some road bumps. Only a couple months and other repairs later, I am intrigued. Floorjackless (and lazy) I begin my pondering with this photo of the pass side diff/axle strap believing it may indicate something (left side strap is great). Right is shredding and angled,..

Shock tower bolts are secure, swaybar is clearing.

So,... bump stops, other doohickies, bushings, stuff... thoughts? Please pardon the obscurity.

Mille Grazie


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Did you try it with the your toolbox taken out of the trunk?

On mine it was the boot/trunk banging every now and again as the seals were worn.. Took me a while to figure it out, and then promptly forgotten.

Could also be an exhaust hanger
Spare tyre un secured
Bushes, dead body... Normal stuff
Well, junk in the trunk, or no junk the blunt force bang lives on. Deck may be one of many tunes on the car, but methinks it is still another. The right strap is spread and shredding as though a shift or off centeredness occurs?, but then why wouldn't the left show the same,...

I'll get a floorjack and go from there. Less theory more tangibles.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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